GiveBIG extended through May 4!

Baby Black Bear

Good news for the animals... GiveBIG has been extended through midnight, May 4! 

The Seattle Foundation's technology platform found it hard to keep up with the sheer number of donations today, and so they're giving our compassionate community an extra day to give. Make your gift to PAWS now through midnight on Wednesday, May 4, and your dollars will go further in helping injured, orphaned and homeless animals in need.

Visit our special GiveBIG page on the Seattle Foundation’s website to give now.

Catio Tour Seattle returns for another year

Catio tour HP short

Last year’s Catio Tour was such a success, we're doing it again.

Catios are enclosed patios for cats where they can enjoy the sights and smells of the outdoors and stay protected from roads and predators.

Whether you have cats or just love everything about cats, you’ll be inspired as you tour some of the best feline real estate in Seattle!

Learn more about Catio Tour Seattle and register today.

Save lives: Join our foster family network

Foster article kittens

We were awed by your response to our last foster home request.

Many dogs and pups have a chance at life now because of you!

If you couldn’t join us last time, it’s not too late. We’re still looking for foster families for dogs, puppies, cats and kittens. 

Learn how you can join our foster family network and help us save lives!

Wildlife Patients of the Week: Bewick's Wrens

Bewick's Wren babies

Patients 16-0707 through 0711 are five Bewick’s Wren youngsters whose nest box was accidentally knocked out of a tree.

With no mom in sight, these nestlings were brought to PAWS on April 23. They are now being cared for by volunteers in our Baby Bird Nursery, which officially opened this week.

Learn more about our Patient of the Week.