Trying to get to our PAWS Lynnwood location? Due to a county construction project, you may experience slight delays over the next week or two, getting in to and out of our parking lot off 44th Ave W.  We, however, are open for business and look forward to seeing you!

PAWS Helps Dogs Rescued from Korean Dog Meat Farm

Lizzie rescued Korean Dog

PAWS has received several dogs from the Humane Society International’s recent rescue from a Korean dog meat farm. 

Most of the dogs are large Korean mastiff mixes with ages ranging from six months to two years. After enduring inhumane living conditions, minimal care, and journeying half-way around the world they are now in the warmth and comfort of the PAWS shelter.

The dogs are receiving medical treatment, behavioral assessments and rehabilitation here at PAWS. Their behaviors are similar to dogs rescued from a puppy mills and they need gentle loving care to learn to trust people. 

Due to their living conditions before coming to PAWS any potential adopters need to be aware of the special challenges that they will face. Please follow the link below for information to help you decide if adopting one of these dogs is a good fit for your family. 

As always PAWS is committed to helping our community of local cats and dogs in need, and assists with special cases when resources allow. 

Find out more about adopting one of these wonderful dogs

Help Pit Bulls at PAWS - join our Pittie Committee!

Pittie Committee July 2015

Our new Pittie Committee is designed to help keep these loving dogs happy as they search for that perfect new start with a loving forever family!

Pit Bulls often stay in shelters longer than other breeds, which can make them more likely to suffer from kennel stress. We've come up with our Pittie Committee as a way to give them extra opportunities to burn off that stress during their time at PAWS!

Pittie Committee members provide additional enrichment in the form of off-site adventures - be it hiking, swimming, or just a leisurely walk in the park.

If you're an active person looking for a daytime buddy to share outdoor fun with, this could be just the opportunity for you!

Find out more, and sign up to join, here!

What to do if you find a wild animal in need

Merlin Fledgling

With summer upon us, more people are out enjoying the beautiful Pacific Northwest – and coming across wild neighbors in need.

From a Merlin fledgling found alone to an injured coyote riddled with shot gun pellets, so far this year more than 2,200 animals have been brought to PAWS Wildlife Center in need of our help.

If you're out and about, keep our 425.412.4040 helpline close at hand, and bookmark our online resources so you know what to do if you find a wild animal you think needs help.

You can help in other ways too. Donating supplies from our wish list enables us to deliver life-saving care, while giving as little as $10 a month helps us continue saving lives throughout the year.

Follow our wildlife blog for behind the scenes stories about our patients.

Want to help animals? Join the Club!

CCC relaunch Feb 14 2015

Every day, PAWS serves as a place of refuge for homeless, hungry and neglected animals who have nowhere else to turn.

From mother cats with newborn kittens to senior dogs and orphaned Harbor Seal pups, PAWS is here to give them comfort and care when they need it most.

We're here only because of caring individuals like you.

Monthly gifts from supporters just like you play a vital role in helping provide nourishing food, comforting shelter, and life-saving medical care whenever it is needed—365 days a year.

Help PAWS save lives every day by joining our Constant Companions Club today.