Help Save Lives All Year Long

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Summer is our busiest time of year. Dozens of litters of kittens and puppies, and hundreds of orphaned and injured wildlife have arrived at PAWS in just the past few weeks. You can show your compassion for these animals thanks to a special donor program. 

When you join PAWS as a member of our Constant Companions Club, your regular gifts will help animals in our care throughout the whole year. It’s easy, efficient, and helps animals. What could be better? Join us and make a life-saving difference all year long!

Summer Special For Senior Cats

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We're delighted to report that Adopt-a-Cat month was a huge success for cats in our care! We found happy new homes for 28 adult cats, many of them 10 years or older. As a result, we're extending our 'adoption fee waived' offer through the summer.

There are still many wonderful senior cats looking for their forever families, like Simba here who's been at PAWS Cat City since March. Find out more about the offer and meet your perfect match today.

Lifetime Care Program Offers Peace of Mind

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Our furry friends fill our lives with unconditional love, companionship and fun adventures. In return, we provide a safe place to call home, reciprocated cuddles, energetic playtimes and a tasty treat or two along the way! But what if, due to medical incapacity or death, we were no longer able to care for them?

Preparing for your pet's safety and security in the event of your absence is a final and significant act of lifelong friendship. PAWS can help you plan for this through our Lifetime Care Program.


Harbor Seal Season: Think Before You Act

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At PAWS Wildlife Center we’re busy rehabilitating our first Harbor Seal pup of the season. Do you know what to do if you come across a lone pup on one of Seattle’s beautiful beaches? For their safety and yours, do not touch!

If you believe a seal pup or other marine mammal is clearly in distress or injured, find out how to get the right help here.