Sponsor an Animal

Each year, the amount of animals we care for at PAWS increases. In 2015, PAWS cared for 4,312 companion animals (2,519 cats and 1,793 dogs) in our shelters and 4,127 wild animals in our wildlife hospital. This is a massive undertaking – and you can help! We have two different animal sponsorship programs available:

Companion Animal Sponsorship Program
For $250, you can demonstrate your commitment to the cats and dogs in our care by becoming a Companion Animal Sponsor. In return for your donation, we will follow up with you personally to get your name and a message attached to one of our animal kennels (we'll even send you a picture when it's up). Due to the limited nature of our kennels, visiting areas and colonies, we are unable to offer this one-of-a-kind sponsorship online. Please email Barbara Flynn or call her at 425.412.4038 to discuss this opportunity. 

cat2 dog3

Wildlife Animal Sponsorship Program
By choosing one of the options in the form below, you can help us care for the more than 160 different species that come to us in any given year. In return for your donation, we will send you a PAWS window cling along with a picture and the story of the animal you have chosen to sponsor.

Weasel3 chickadees2 eagle2

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Again, for more information on the programs above, please email Barbara Flynn or call her at 425.412.4038

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