Training & Education

The PAWS Wildlife Center is more than just a rehabilitation center and wildlife hospital. It is also a place where future generations of wildlife rehabilitators and veterinarians learn the skills they will need to be successful in their careers.  By actively training and educating others, the impact of PAWS’ work on wildlife extends far beyond our center’s boundaries.

For students

Every year, 20 or more students from across the United States and around the world come to PAWS to participate in our three-month wildlife rehabilitation internship, our two- to four-week veterinary technician externship, or our four-week veterinary externship. During their time at our facility, these students receive expert guidance and hands-on training from our experienced staff.

In addition, PAWS’ wildlife staff give presentations at local veterinary and technical colleges to familiarize the students with the fields of wildlife rehabilitation and wildlife medicine as a career option.

For professionals

Researchers, veterinarians and other wildlife professionals have come from as far away as Russia, China, Japan and India to observe our rehabilitation methods and procedures. They return to their communities with ideas and knowledge obtained at PAWS that can then be adapted to help their own native wildlife populations.   

In addition to in-house teaching and training, PAWS staff members regularly participate in local, national, and international symposia, sharing their knowledge with a broad range of professionals in wildlife and related fields.

For the public

PAWS staff and volunteers also frequently participate in wildlife fairs and other local events, giving presentations, distributing literature and speaking with members of the public one-on-one to answer their wildlife-related questions.