Group or Company Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in bringing your business or community organization to PAWS to volunteer. We usually enlist these groups to help with grounds maintenance tasks such as:

  • Weeding
  • Painting
  • Helping with small building projects.
  • Spreading bark on our dog walking or wildlife interpretive trails.
  • Stuffing packets.
  • Sorting animal toys and food.

These projects do not include hands-on contact with the animals in our care, but they are all very important aspects of helping animals in need.

Volunteers who help us with animal care go through extensive training and make a weekly commitment to a volunteer position. If you are interested in helping in this way, please read more about volunteering at PAWS.

Group guidelines

If your group is interested in helping to form a PAWS work party:

  • Your group should consist of at least five people.
  • Please commit to volunteering at least three hours to make it worth the time and effort it takes to coordinate a group activity.
  • Most, if not all volunteer work is done outside, rain or shine.
  • Please make arrangements at least two weeks in advance of the date you are requesting. Keep in mind that not all dates will be available.

Please note: This PAWS is located in Lynnwood, Washington. If you are looking for a different PAWS, please visit this page for information about other organizations called PAWS.

Schedule your group

To arrange for your group to volunteer at PAWS, please complete a short online application. Thank you very much for your support and willingness to help. We couldn't do our work without you!

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