Try This First

At PAWS, we believe in making lifetime commitments to companion animals. In support of that, we offer a variety of resources to help you meet common challenges that pet guardians face.

Before giving up a beloved member of your family, try using our resources. They may just what you need to keep your animal. You can also find other professional resources in the community.

Solving common behavior problems

Does your dog:

  • Dig holes.
  • Chase cars.
  • Bark too much.
  • Chew on furniture.

Does your cat:

  • Skip the litter box.
  • Scratch furnishings.
  • Yowl night and day.

Medical or training solutions exist for virtually every behavior problem if you are willing to work to solve them. You can access PAWS’ free pet behavior help online or by calling 425.787.2500. A behavior counselor will be in contact to help you find solutions for the problem.

Because medical issues cause many behavior problems, your veterinarian can also be a great resource. Find a professional trainer, behaviorist or veterinarian.

Moving/challenges with landlord

Moving is stressful even in the best of circumstances. Many people choose to give up their pet before they move because they're not sure how to find pet-friendly housing, travel with the animal, or help the animal adjust to a new home. PAWS can help you move with your pet by providing the following information:

New baby

Read our pets and babies fact sheet to learn how to address this important life change so the resident dog or cat welcomes and accepts the new baby.

Pet allergies

Read a step-by-step instruction sheet on how to live comfortably with pet allergies.

To ease the suffering of the allergic person so you can keep your pet, we recommend two simple steps. First, bathe your pet with a product such as Allerpet (a solution you apply to your pet’s coat), which is sold at numerous veterinary clinics. Then follow some simple home cleaning procedures, like vacuuming and washing bedding often. Your doctor can also refer you to an allergy specialist.

Still need help?

If you feel you have exhausted all options to keep your animal, or are helping an animal other than your own, please read the information about placing an animal in a new permanent home to help you find a home as soon as possible.