PAWS has an assortment of wonderful cats and dogs available for adoption, and the goal of our dedicated, expert adoption advisors is to help you find a companion who suits your household, lifestyle and personality.

The following information has been designed to help inform you about the adoption process here at PAWS, before you get started with your search for that perfect new companion!

Please note: Our PAWS is located in the state of Washington. We are not a nationally-based organization and do not have the capacity to screen adopters who are not able to visit the facility in person due to living out-of-state. We are not able to fly animals to adopters in other states.

Looking to adopt a service/therapy animal? We do not adopt out service dogs or cats. Check out our list of organizations who do.

Visit the animals in person

Once you have checked out the animals available for adoption on our website and learned about the path cats and dogs take to get to their forever homes, we encourage you to visit in person. View the hours and directions to our shelter in Lynnwood or to our Cat City location in Seattle’s University District.

Please remember that animals are adopted every day, therefore we cannot guarantee animals seen on our website will still be available when you arrive.

Starting the process

Whether you have a particular animal in mind, or would like to find out which animals would be recommended for you, we ask that you complete an adopters’ survey. The survey is a tool we use to find what you are looking for in a companion animal.

Filling out a survey is the first step of the adoption process. The survey can be completed during your visit or, to save time, you can print and complete the survey in advance.

Download the Dog Adopter Questionnaire (PDF)

Download the Cat Adopter Questionnaire (PDF)

Making a match 

When you arrive at the shelter, make your way to the animal viewing areas to see if you find a potential match. 

Once you find a potential match and we’ve reviewed the animal’s information with you, we’ll arrange for you to visit with them. If you've just started the process of looking for a new companion, we may recommend that you visit with a few animals.

If you’re just at the looking stage, you're welcome to come in and look at the animals during open shelter hours. In order to set up a visit with a particular animal, you will need to complete the survey and meet with an adoption advisor.

The adoption visit

Adoption visits are done in designated visit areas and typically last for fifteen minutes. You may have to wait for a visit area or staff person to be available, and we appreciate your patience while other adopters complete their visits.

All adoption services end 30 minutes before PAWS closes, so please plan to arrive at least one hour before closing if you plan to visit with the animals.

Need more time to prepare? After successfully completing the adoption process, you have the option to put an animal on hold until the next business day in order to get prepared for your new pet. Animals cannot be placed on hold unless a successful adoption counseling session, and visit with the animal, have been completed.

Others in the household need to meet? If you have dogs at home, they must successfully meet the dog you’re considering before completing the adoption. To ensure a good fit, we may also require other household members, including any children, to meet your potential new companion

PAWS reserves the right to approve all adoptions, as we are committed to the welfare of the animals in our care, as well as meeting your personal needs. We thank you for your cooperation. 

Adoptions at PAWS Cat City

At PAWS Cat City, you will have the opportunity to interact with many cats during your visit, as they live in a group setting. The Cat City staff and volunteers can guide you through the visit process as you meet a variety of feline friends waiting for their new home.

Completing the adoption process

If your visit was a success and the adoption process is complete, we will finalize the adoption when the animal is ready to go home. Adopters must be 18 years or older, have a valid driver’s license or picture ID, provide payment, and are required to sign the adoption contract.

You will receive a packet of resources to assist you with your new companion. You can also find these resources online in our After You Adopt section.

PAWS cannot be responsible for veterinary bills or treatment of an animal after leaving our shelter. State law restricts shelters from providing general veterinary services to privately owned animals.

PAWS' standard adoption fees

  • Puppies (under 6 months) $300
  • Adolescent dogs (6 months-1 year 11 months) $225
  • Adult dogs (2 years – 8 years 11months) $175
  • Senior Dogs (9 years and older) $125
  • 2 adult, bonded dogs $300
  • Kittens (under 6 months) $130
  • Adolescent cats (6 months-1 year 11 months) $100
  • Adult cats (2 years – 8 years 11 months) $75
  • Senior cats (9 years and older) $50
  • 2 adult cats* $125
  • 2 kittens* $230
  • 2 adolescent cats* $175

Note: Adoption fees are payable by cash or credit card. Fees for individual or high-interest animals may vary. Please see below.

What's included in adoption fees

Discounts for seniors

The PAWS Seniors for Seniors program offers a special reduced adoption fee of $35 to help seniors who are living on a fixed income. The program places senior cats and dogs (typically over 9 years of age) with qualified senior citizens who are 60 years of age or older.

Pet Request Program

Looking for a specific breed, a puppy or a kitten, and need assistance finding an appropriate match? The Pet Request program may be just what you need to find that perfect match. There is a $100 fee added to the standard adoption fee for this service, which is charged at the time of adoption.

To get started, simply fill out a cat or dog Adopter Questionnaire and then fax the document to the attention of the PAWS Adoption Staff at 425-742-5711, or email it to with the subject line of 'pet request.' One of our adoption counselors will contact you to discuss what you're looking for in your next companion animal.

You can also come into the PAWS shelter or PAWS Cat City to fill out an adoption survey and meet with an adoption counselor in person.

PAWS adoption staff will contact you to schedule an adoption appointment when we find a potential match.

When submitting a pet request, please keep in mind that there may be multiple people interested in the same type of animal, so it may take a little time to find your perfect companion. We recommend you continue to actively look for your next companion by visiting area shelters as well. 

PAWS reserves the right to approve all adoptions, as we are committed to the welfare of the animals in our care as well as meeting your personal needs. Adoptions and one-on-one visits with animals end 30 minutes before closing.