PAWS Capital Campaign

Dear friends,

Each year, PAWS cares for more than 8,000 dogs, cats, and wild animals and engages more than 8,000 children and adults in educational programming. PAWS’ facilities are now more than 40 years old and were not designed to accommodate the scope and scale of companion animal, wildlife, and humane education programs that this region needs. We know that we can be doing even more for animals with a larger campus and purpose-built facilities.

That is why we are building a new home for PAWS. The 25-acre campus will be just eight miles east of PAWS’ current headquarters in Lynnwood. This specially-designed campus will serve as a refuge for animals in need of care, a destination for people who love animals, and a gathering place where the public and professionals can come to learn about and pursue solutions for animal issues.

The new campus will create space for:

  • Expanded medical facilities which will provide more veterinary students the rare opportunity to receive expert training in both shelter and wildlife medicine.
  •  Increased spay/neuter services offered to low-income pet owners in the local community.
  •  Wildlife areas specifically designed to meet the diverse needs of a constantly changing population of animals, including endangered and threatened species.
  • More homelike settings for companion animals, thereby reducing their stress and susceptibility to illness and allowing them to interact with potential adopters in a more natural way.
  • Increased trails for dog walking and areas for families to meet and interact with dogs as well as dog training classes.

PAWS leadership is working with talented and experienced partners to make this vision for the future of PAWS a reality. Jones & Jones Architects designed the facility. Costigan Integrated is serving as the project manager, and TRICO Companies, LLC is the General Contractor. We will break ground on the project in March of 2020 and begin operating at the new campus in September of 2021.

Like all the work that PAWS does for animals every day, this project will not be possible without the generous support of donors. We have made exciting progress toward our fundraising goals, thanks to the early supporters of this important project. If you would like to learn more about how you can help bring the new PAWS campus to life, please contact me, Capital Campaign Director Andi Price at


With gratitude,

Andi Price

Andi Price
Capital Campaign Director