Meet Bailey and Boomer, our PAWSwalk Top Dog times two!


Fair furred Boomer and copper-hued Bailey will be leading the pack for PAWSwalk 2017. These loveable Labradoodles, ages five and two, are full of goofy smiles and endless energy. They share their home with mom Jennifer, dad Gary and sister Gracie, a 12-year-old kitty who usually tolerates their good-natured antics.


Jennifer describes Boomer as a “momma’s boy” who loves to be picked up and hugged. Bailey “likes to go out and play and do his own thing” followed by check-ins with mom and brother Boomer.

These curly headed boys enjoy frozen asparagus and have more than 14,000 followers on Instagram (@boomerthelabradoodle). Look for Top Dogs Bailey and Boomer at PAWSwalk on Saturday, August 26. And to learn more about our canines of honor, follow this link to hear their on-air interview!