PAWSwalk Registration August 26, 2017

Still like to participate in this great event? We're accepting online donations until September 3rd.

Donate here.


Every registrant is required to read and agree to the below waiver. Even if you're a virtual walker! A virtual walker, or web walker, is someone who can't be with us physically, but would still like to participate by having their own fundraising page. 

PAWSwalk Waiver of Responsibility
In consideration of your acceptance of this registration, I hereby for myself, my administrators, my heirs, and assigns, waive and release any and all rights and claims or damages that I may have against the organizers of this event, their associates, and representatives. I agree to obey all traffic laws, to exercise all safe precautions, to avoid littering, to respect the property of others, to have my dog(s) on leash at all times, and to pick up after my dog(s). I also give my full permission for the use of my name and photograph in connection with this event.