Fun With Cat Genetics

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Whole Foods Market - Roosevelt Square
1026 NE 64th Street, Seattle, WA 98115

Anne Paul is a lecturer in Genome Sciences at the University of Washington.  For the past several years, she's brought a class called CSI: Seattle to PAWS Cat City to take samples from the cats for the students to analyze for a mock murder case.  

During this free event, Anne will describe a little bit about how they take the cultures and analyze them for certain genetic markers. 

Then she'll discuss other fun facts, like:

  • Why are calicos and torties female?
  • Why are most orange cats male?
  • Why are the dark parts where they are on Siamese ("pointed") cats?
  • Where does brown fur come from?
  • A couple of the ways cats get orange fur (it’s more complicated than you think!)

If you're interested in attending, please register in advance by email. We have a limited number of spaces available, and only those people who reserve their place in advance will be able to attend on the night.

Please email Amy Webster at PAWS to register. 

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