Youth Spotlight: Rebekah

The 2009 PAWS Youth Helping Animals Award was presented to Rebekah, age 10, for her amazing efforts to help animals.

At the age of 8, Rebekah was inspired by visits to local animal shelters while her family was looking to adopt a dog. She started a club in third grade with her friends to help raise money and items for the animals, bringing all the donations to the shelters with her family.

She regularly uses her allowance money to purchase fabric to make home-made doggie pillows for the animals' comfort. This school year, she spearheaded a donation drive at her school and worked with a friend to write a full-page article about shelters in the school's newspaper. She is currently working at her school again to collect donations for the dogs and puppies from the recently uncovered puppy mills.

Rebekah's initiative to create opportunities to help animals, along with her dedication and compassion make her a true Youth Hero!