Youth Spotlight: Avinash

Avinash feels passionate about caring for all animals, both as pets and in the wild and decided to donate money to PAWS because he wanted to choose an organization that helps both wild and domestic animals.

The money Avinash donated came from several sources. First, he saved a portion of his weekly allowance for one year. At his eighth birthday party, he requested his guests to bring a donation to PAWS instead of a gift for him. And his sister Jyotika also donated some of her Chinese New Year gift, as well. Thanks to his efforts, Avinash was able to provide PAWS with a donation of $170!

Avinash also worked hard to show his parents he was ready to care for his own pet. He and his family recently adopted two rescued guinea pigs. Avinash named them Boss and Golden. He enjoys playing with and caring for Boss and Golden and calls them his "fuzz therapy." He hopes to adopt a dog from PAWS one day.

Thank you so much Avinash for helping all the animals at PAWS!