Teen and Preteen Programs

Although the minimum volunteer age at PAWS is 18 years old, there are lots of ways for teens and preteens to get involved and help animals! Youth can hold a donation drive, make dog treats or cat toys, or get creative in other ways. 

We also offer on-site workshops for teens and preteens to come to PAWS, learn about the animals, and do hands-on service projects to help.

Teens Helping Animals Workshop

Designed for youth ages 13 through 17, the Teens Helping Animals workshop is held four times a year. Teens spend the day at PAWS, meet other animal-lovers, and do service projects to make the lives of animals a little better. They walk away with a better understanding of the inner workings of PAWS and concrete ways they can give back. Each Teens Helping Animals workshop is different, so teens can attend regularly!

Visit our Kids’ Events page to get more information about the next Teens Helping Animals workshop.

Preteens Helping Animals Workshop

If you are 9 - 12 years old, the Preteens Helping Animals workshop is for you! This workshop is designed for youth who want to get more involved in helping animals. Through fun games and activities, as well as hands-on service projects, youth get to leave their mark – or paw – on PAWS and help the animals here and in their community.

Visit our Kids’ Events page to get more information about the next Preteens Helping Animals workshop.


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