Introducing PAWS Cast!

Do you love animals? You’re not alone! Learn about teens and their animal companions around Seattle through PAWS Cast. PAWS Cast is written, directed and produced by teens and for EVERYONE who loves animals.

About PAWS Cast 

(written by Sophia Banel)

PAWS Cast is a series of videos featuring teens created by local filmmaker Sophia Banel. Sophia Banel is a high-school student in Seattle. She has loved animals her entire life, and currently has a three-year-old dog named Lola and a twelve-year-old cat named Katie, both of whom were adopted from PAWS. Sophia wanted to find a way to share young people’s love for animals, in order to spark youth engagement and to show the immense impact that caring for an animal can have on a person as well as an animal. Sophia worked with PAWS to create a video series called PAWS Cast. Each episode features a young person and his or her animal companion. The interviewees share anecdotes and funny stories, and describe how animals have changed their lives.

PAWS Cast 1

Livvy – Livvy has two dogs and two cats. What does she think is the most important issue facing animals today? Watch to find out!

PAWS Cast 2

Gabriella – Gabriella loves her dog Ernie. Find out why dogs are so important to Gabriella and how you can help!

PAWS Cast 3

Hannah – Hannah’s dog Bailey needed a forever home. Listen to Hannah tell the story of how Bailey found his family.

PAWS Cast 4

Sam – What is Sam’s favorite thing about his pets? Find out below!

PAWS Cast 5

Hana – Why is having a dog so important? Watch this video to learn about Hana and her best friend!

PAWS Cast 6

Eli’s dog Chloe used to be scared in the car – hear him talk about what changed that in PAWSCast 6


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