Kitty Do's

Read about all the things that cats and kittens need to be happy and healthy.

Fine dining

Just like you, cats need good food to grow and stay healthy. High quality cat foods can be found at pet supply stores. Cats need twice as much protein as dogs, so you should never feed your cat dog food. Cats are also very sensitive about their water. Cat water bowls should be changed at least once per day or have a circulating water fountain that keeps the water clean.

Lost and found-Identification

A cat can't ask for help if he gets out of the house or is lost. That's why it is so important for cats to wear identification. Besides an ID tag that has your current contact information, it is a good idea to microchip your cat in case he loses his collar.

No more kittens, please

Help the overpopulation problem by having your cat spayed or neutered. Spaying and neutering are simple surgeries that prevent cats from having unwanted kittens. There are other benefits as well; it reduces the risk of some types of infection and cancer. It also helps with some behavior issues.

Home with you

Cats can be very happy living indoors all the time. Be sure to provide a scratching post, a clean litter box and a soft bed or blanket. Cats also like shelves where they can look out the window or high places where they can keep an eye on the household. You can also build your cat a secureĀ outdoor play enclosure so he can get fresh air and be safe.

A place to poop

Cats should always have a clean litter box. It may also make a difference to your cat where you place the litter box and what kind of kitty litter you use. Find out great information about litter boxes to keep your cat happy.

Say meow

Cats communicate in many ways. They use different sounds, and body language to let you know if they are happy, scared, or angry. Learn more about what your cat may be trying to tell you by reading books about communication or exploring the links above.

Let's have fun

Take the time to gently play or spend time with your cat every day. Playing with toys is also good exercise and toys help cats stay busy while their people are at work or school. You can even make your own animal friendly cat toy.

Cuddles and snuggles

If you cat likes to be held and snuggled, remember to hold her gently and support her whole body, especially her back legs. When you are done holding her, gently place all four paws back on the ground. Do not try to pick up cats you don't know.

Looking good

Most cats are very good at grooming or keeping themselves clean, but they can also use some help from you. Brushing your cat will help him look his best, avoid hairballs and keep your long-haired cat from getting painful knots in his fur. Your cat also needs help keeping his nails trimmed and teeth clean.

Good check-up

Cats should get a check-up from their veterinarian at least once a year. If your cat is acting unusual or you think he may have eaten something dangerous, have your parent or guardian call the veterinarian right away.

Your cat will be happy and healthy when you follow the Kitty Do's. It is also important to know what you shouldn't do with your cat by reading Kitty Don'ts!

You can also learn so much more about cats in PAWS' online resource library.