Program List

PAWS offers a variety of lessons and activities created for classroom and community presentations for young people. Through multiple forms of media, games, writing and drawing exercises, storytelling and hands-on activities, students learn about being responsible and respectful to all living beings.

Most programs are generally available Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Registration is handled on a first come, first served basis. Our programs often fill 3 to 6 months in advance, so please plan ahead when scheduling your class or group.

*All PAWS’ educational presentations are designed to help students meet the Next Generation Science Standards. For more information on which standards these programs meet, view PAWS Education Programs Standards Alignment.

2015-2016 School Year Offerings:

Growing up Wild 

Grade Level: K - grade 2

Length of presentation: 40-45 minutes

Group size: up to 35 students

Description: What’s the difference between a wild animal and a “pet” animal? How are they different from us, and how are they similar? How do you stay safe around wild animals, and how do you know if one needs people to help it? Students actively engage in discussions and in movement activities.

Companion Animals are Cool

Grade Level: K - grade 2

Length of presentation: 40-45 minutes

Group size: up to 35 students

Description: What do pets need, and what makes a responsible pet guardian? How do our dogs and cats communicate with us? How do you stay safe around stray dogs? Includes reading of a story and discussion afterwards. 

Everybody Needs a Home

Grade Level: Grades 2 - 3

Length of presentation: 50-60 minutes

Group size: up to 35 students

Description: All animals deserve a safe and comfortable place to live. What makes a good habitat for a wild animal? How do stray pets find good homes and families? Students explore the broad concepts of home, family and the interdependence of living things through fun discussion and activities. 

Kids Who Care

Grade Level: Grade 4

Length of presentation: 6 classroom visits, 55-60 minutes each

Group size: up to 35 students

Description: Our signature program is a six-week class and is interdisciplinary, providing opportunities for reading, journaling, critical thinking and problem solving. Lessons combine videos, hands-on activities, role-playing, discussion and presentation. Six presentations, each 50-60 minutes in length; up to 35 students.

  • Week 1: Introduction to PAWS; Responsible Pet Care and Dog Safety 
  • Week 2: Animal Shelters and the Problems of Overpopulation 
  • Week 3: Animals Adoptions; Farm Animals
  • Week 4: Washington Wild Animals and their Habitats
  • Week 5: Keeping Wildlife Wild 
  • Week 6: Bringing it All Together: Humane Living

Careers Helping Animals

Grade Level: Grade 5

Length of presentation: 50-60 minutes

Group size: up to 50 students

Description: What is it like to work with animals? Students explore animal-centered careers, learning about exciting possibilities and the challenges involved. Students will be introduced to the many different careers that involve helping animals, from wildlife veterinarian to graphic designer. Videos and activities add to expert-led discussions. 

PAWS: People Helping Animals

Grade Level: Grades 2 and up

Length of presentation: 45-60 minutes

Group size: varies

Description: This presentation offers students an introduction to the work of PAWS, a Northwest leader in protecting animals since 1967. Students will become familiar with the concept of non-profit organizations and ways that individuals can get involved helping animals in their community. This is an excellent way to begin or cap-off a donation drive or similar event. No fee for this presentation, but donations are appreciated.

To request a program, please email or call 425.412.4026.