Humane Solutions

As wild animals attempt to survive and thrive in an increasingly human-dominated landscape, the possibilities for conflict with humans are endless.

At PAWS Wildlife Center we receive thousands of calls each year from businesses and individuals who need help solving their specific problems with wildlife. Whether an animal is occupying an attic or raiding the garden, we work with callers to identify humane, effective, long-term solutions to conflicts with wildlife.

They save money by not hiring an outside service to address the problem, and they also learn about the root causes of human/wildlife conflicts and how to avoid them. Common problems include:

  • Raccoons or squirrels in attics or crawlspaces.
  • Birds nesting in dryer vents.
  • Birds striking or attacking windows.
  • Raccoons or opossums eating pet food.
  • Herons, otters or raccoons eating fish in decorative ponds.
  • Pigeons roosting in areas where they are not wanted.
  • Mountain Beavers eating decorative plants.
  • Moles burrowing in yards.
  • Deer or rabbits eating garden plants.
  • Woodpeckers pecking on wood siding or metal flashing.

If you are experiencing a wildlife conflict, call the PAWS Wildlife Center at 425.412.4040 for humane, effective solutions.