Campbell Caring Car

Meet “Cee Cee"- a  special four-wheeled employee at PAWS.

Our generous friends at Campbell Auto Group donated Cee Cee, a 2016 Nissan Rogue, and outfitted her with beautiful images of animals who have been cared for at PAWS. We have our supporters to thank for meeting the month-long online voting challenge that ensured Cee Cee would be ours.

Cee Cee will perform a number of duties at PAWS including releasing rehabilitated wild animals back to their native habitats, driving to local airports to pick up dogs and cats transferred to PAWS from out-of-state groups, and visiting local classrooms as part of PAWS’ Education Program. Cee Cee will be sharing photos and videos of her adventures on this page so check back frequently to see what she’s up to!


On January 26, 2018, staff and volunteers welcomed Campbell Auto and Cee Cee to the PAWS family with a "Car Shower".

Cee Cee's Vlog:

May 11: Vashon Island Belted Kingfisher

Cee Cee here! Welcome to my vlog where I’ll be posting information about the critical role I play here at PAWS. For example, I recently took my first ferry ride to Vashon Island. I had the happy job of returning a beautiful Belted Kingfisher to her home. Belted Kingfishers have the COOLEST songs and calls. To learn more about this amazing bird and hear their calls, visit

My Belted Kingfisher had sustained an injury to her left eye and spinal cord. PAWS took her in and rehabilitated her. She recovered from her injuries so I drove her to Vashon Island (her home) to release her back to the wild. I have the greatest job at PAWS because one of the things I get to do is see injured and orphaned wildlife returned to their homes! 

Click to watch the release video and make sure to check back for my next adventure!


Cee Cee In The News

Some of my trips are even making national news!

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