Dogs and Babies-CANCELLED

Wed, Oct. 24, 2018 12:00pm — 2:00pm

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PAWS Cat City
5200 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105

In the northwest and across the country, young children are getting closer to dogs than ever before. As home sizes shrink, yards get smaller, and dogs are more frequently found in public spaces, dogs and young children find themselves vying for the same territory. We all believe that sharing our lives with a dog is an excellent source of companionship for the whole family and a way to teach love and responsibility to our children, but it also brings a host of challenges and safety concerns that frequently go undiscussed today. 

Northwest-based dog trainer, safety expert, and fellow mom, Jennifer Anderson, will be discussing her real-life, daily practices designed to make your home safer for dogs and children to coexist. Her dog training and dog safety focused business, Pawsitive Transformation, helps to train dogs to be happy in sharing their homes with children, ease the minds of overworked parents, and make busy family days more manageable. Jennifer has over 10 years of experience as a registered veterinary technician (RVT), is a certified dog trainer (ABCDT), and specializes in preparing families and their dog for baby to arrive! She has worked for the humane society training and rehabilitating at-risk dogs, and currently works with several Northwest-based rescues educating staff and volunteers on proper dog safety and management. Her motto is, “Safer is Do-able”.

Topics include:

Kong 101

Jennifer's Kong stuffing demonstration will show you how to deliver your dog's normal diet in a fun, stimulating way. A great way to pair a crying baby with something positive, a great way to keep your dog quiet when the baby needs to take a nap, or you just need a break. Kong 101 will alleviate the thought of feeling bad for the dog who just got bumped in rank and help everyone adjust a little easier.

Passive vs Active Supervision +Safer Milestones!

Learn what it takes to actively supervise! Achieve continuous harmony every step of the way as your baby reaches those milestones.

Safety Zones

Want to escape to a bubble bath? Have a 20-minute nap without being woken by baby? So does your dog! Let Jennifer teach you about dog safety zones and give a well-deserving dog their sanctuary. Apologies in advance, if you end up jealous of your dog.

Coming Home With Baby for the 1st Time

The last thing a tired parent needs is to come home to a jumpy, demanding, missed you oh-so-much dog that could possibly wake, startle, or accidentally hurt your precious newborn as you enter your home. There is a safer, less worrisome way to enter your home. Jennifer will play out the steps for you to keep everyone safer and happier.

K9 Body Language 

49,153 children under the age of 5 yrs old went to the ER in 1 yr alone due to dog bites. Join Jennifer's crusade in ending this tragic statistic! K9 body language education will teach you how to tell when a dog is stressed, over-aroused, or unhappy. Please don't trust someone's opinion when they say their dog, "loves babies" or think that your friend’s dog who was always good with their kids, must be good with all kids. Be proactive, become educated, and witness with knowledge how dogs are feeling every moment of every day.

To read more about Jennifer’s company, “Pawsitive Transformation”, visit her website here. 

Cost: $10, with all proceeds going to PAWS

Your registration includes an informational booklet on topics covered. Lap infants (non-crawling) welcome.
This is a humans-only class. Please leave your dog in the comfort of their own home.
Note: Although this is a dog class, Cat City is a cat-friendly environment and there will be lots of cute cats to peek at. 

Cost: $10

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