Donation Drive Helpful Tips

Conducting a donation drive for items from our wish list is a great way to support PAWS and put humane education lessons into action. Donations to PAWS are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Here are some helpful tips for your child or youth group to get started:

  1. Get organized. Set a time frame in which to collect donations, for example give it a week or a month.
  2. Check out our PAWS' Thank You for Your Donation flyers to decorate your collection boxes!
  3. Be creative. Decorate posters and collection boxes to be displayed at your school, church or community center. Write a short article about PAWS for your school paper. Or visit community pet stores and ask if they are willing to participate and advertise there. Be sure to get permission to put the collection boxes in the places you choose. PAWS can provide you with donation box signs.
  4. Spread the word. Distribute copies of the PAWS wish list to people, tell them where your collection boxes are located, and why the drive is important. Be passionate! Remember, if the cause is important to you it will be important to those you tell.
  5. Give a friendly reminder. Be sure to politely remind people about your drive throughout the time frame.
  6. Measure your success. When your drive is over, make an itemized list recording all of your collections and then drop off this list along with the donated items at PAWS. Make sure to check our hours and directions. If you have questions about donations, call 425.787.2500 x261.

Thank you for your support and encouraging service in our youth!