Leader of the Pack

When it comes to helping animals, the youth in our community is an unstoppable force. Scroll down to see young people changing lives and taking action for animals!

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Meet Jake

Jake IMG 1508

Jake is 7 years old, and as a way of making the most of (yet another) of his brother’s baseball tournament weekends, Jake decided to hold a lemonade stand at the baseball field to raise money to help animals. His mom Tammy agreed to match any money that he raised for PAWS. He sold lemonade, brownies, and GF blondies, and was able to sit and read his book (another of his favorite activities) while his brother played baseball and he waited for customers. He also took care of his neighbor’s hamsters to raise additional money.

Jake’s mom works for the Gates Foundation, which matches donations 3:1. Between the lemonade stand and taking care of his neighbor’s hamsters and Tammy’s employer’s generous matching gift program, Jake was able to raise $500 for PAWS.

Novia and Ava

Novia and Ava internship photo

High school students Novia and Ava are petitioning King County Council to pass an ordinance making the sale of dogs, cats or rabbits not sourced from a shelter or rescue illegal for pet stores.
It began as part of an internship at the Seattle Humane Society, which encouraged the two to pursue an animal welfare project. Knowing that countless animals are inhumanely bred in mills across Washington State alone, they knew they needed to pursue legal action. Novia and Ava are hoping that by passing the ordinance through the King County Council, cities that mirror those policies, such as Redmond and Bellevue, will be able help fight against animals sourced from mills.

Read more about it and sign the petition!

Lowell Elementary Student Leadership Team

Lowell Elementary Leadership4

The Lowell Elementary Student Leadership Team raised $500 through service projects and a coin drive at their school to donate to the animals at PAWS. All of the Leadership Team members have participated in the Kids Who Care program and set an example for their school by becoming champions for animals!

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