Placement Partner Program

Since we opened our doors in 1969, PAWS Companion Animal Shelter has reached out to other animal welfare groups to create a safety net for animals in our community and beyond.

In 2005, a process was formalized through the creation of the PAWS Placement Partner Program. Since then, 2,000 animals have been given another chance through this special program.

Program goal

The purpose of the PAWS Placement Partner Program is to find alternative placement options for some of the animals in PAWS' care, and to have a formal and regular process for taking in animals from other agencies. We call the other agencies and rescue groups "Placement Partners" regardless of whether they are transferring animals into PAWS or we are sending animals to them for adoption into new homes.

To become a Placement Partner, agencies must submit an application (PDF 105kb) and be able to comply with our program policies (PDF 94kb).

When does PAWS transfer in animals?

The partnering agency may need help with an animal who has a special need, or they may need to send multiple animals to PAWS because they have run out of space in their facility. Partnering agencies may also send animals to PAWS simply to give the animals another chance at finding a loving home.

PAWS also takes in animals during emergencies, such as puppy mill raids or natural disasters, when a large number of animals need care. By moving animals to other communities PAWS and our partners help reduce euthanasia of animals.

When does PAWS transfer animals to other agencies?

PAWS will transfer an animal in our care to partner agencies when we have identified a medical condition or behavior issue that would be better addressed by a partner agency. We often work with purebred rescue groups who usually have waiting lists of qualified potential adopters. By transferring out animals, we open up space in the shelter for other dogs or cats who need our help.

Learn more

Contact us to learn more or to get involved with the PAWS Placement Partner Program.