Help with Veterinary Bills

Routine medical needs

PAWS is frequently contacted when people are having trouble affording veterinary care or their pet is facing a medical emergency. In Washington State, shelters are restricted by law from providing general veterinary services to privately owned animals. However, PAWS and other shelters are allowed to offer spay/neuter, microchipping and vaccine services to clients who qualify as low-income. Learn more about PAWS' veterinary services for privately owned animals.

Help with pet food and supplies

If you need assistance with pet food and other supplies, here are some helpful resources:

Contact local food banks to ask if they have limited amounts of pet food and supplies available for clients.

The Pet Food Bank at Seattle Humane Society collects pet food donations for the pets of seniors and qualified low-income community members.

Visit Washington 2-1-1 Information Network for a list of pet food banks and other pet services in Washington State.

Help with veterinary bills

PAWS does not have a program to help individuals cover the cost of their pets' veterinary bills. These organizations have useful information about paying for veterinary bills and veterinary assistance funds:

You can also check with national organizations for more information:

Post-adoption medical needs

PAWS does not have a full-service veterinary center and cannot be responsible for veterinary bills or treatment of an animal after leaving our shelter. If you have questions about the health of an animal you adopted from PAWS, please review the information in your adoption packet, and be sure to take advantage of the free certificate for a veterinary exam. If you have further questions, you can contact us at 425.787.2500 x804.