Featured Pets

Each week, we choose one adoptable dog and one adoptable cat for this special feature.

They might have been with us for some time or have a particular talent we can't resist sharing. Whatever the reason, it's an opportunity for us to celebrate them and for you to see what perfect pet partners they'll make!

Meet Samantha


Samantha is a superstar! She has quickly become a staff and volunteer favorite here and regularly enjoys off-site adventures to get out and explore the world. Samantha is particularly fond of the beach, and loves to sniff and explore! She will quickly melt into your lap for love and kisses and wants to stick right by your side. Samantha loves to be with her people and would prefer a home with more rotating schedules so she can have the company she craves. She likes to meet and greet other dogs, but would really love to be the center of attention and have ALL the cuddles! She would prefer a kitty free home though. Samantha was recently described as " a mushy oatmeal unicorn pony puppy and I adore her"... what more can you ask for? If you are looking for the ultimate snuggle buddy, come and meet Samantha today!

Come visit her at our Lynnwood PAWS shelter.

Meet Our Cat Trio

Cat Trio

Meet our cat trio - Iona, Nessie and Lochlan! They say all good things come in three's... and these kitties are no exception. Nessie, Iona and Lochlan are littermates who have been together their whole lives and want to stay together. They are all sweet kitties who are just a bit bashful and are looking for a cat savvy adult only home who can appreciate their sensitive nature. Once comfortable, their true kitty personalities will come thru. Check out their video at https://www.facebook.com/PAWSWashington/videos/471091070343649/. Come by PAWS Cat City and meet this fantastic trio today! 

Come visit her at our PAWS Cat City shelter.

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