Featured Pets

Each week, we choose one adoptable dog and one adoptable cat for this special feature.

They might have been with us for some time or have a particular talent we can't resist sharing. Whatever the reason, it's an opportunity for us to celebrate them and for you to see what perfect pet partners they'll make!

Meet Pearl


Pearl is a peppy puppy looking for fun! This rambunctious youngster is looking for a dog savvy home with teens/adults who can keep up with her active lifestyle. Pearl is looking for an experienced adopter who can take her through training and help to build up her manners. She LOVES to play with other dogs but can have a rowdy playstyle at times. She really is just a big puppy and does well with a doggy friend who likes to wrestle. She loves to run and play so much, Pearl may be best suited in a kitty-free home. Pearl loves adventures and our volunteers have been taking her out to see the world! She is a big fan of hiking and exploring and would love a home that can continue to show her the sights. Come by and meet pretty girl Pearl today!

Come visit him at our Lynnwood PAWS shelter.


Meet Albert


Albert is a sweet kitty looking for love! He is a bit on the bashful side, and would prefer a quiet and predictable home with adults only who respect his sensitive nature. Albert does loves pets as long as you go slow and will happily lean into some nice chin scratches. He likes a quiet place to hide while he adjusts to his surroundings, and once he is comfortable he will start to venture out. Come by and meet this fantastic feline today!

Come visit him at our Lynnwood PAWS shelter.

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