Wildlife Transport Team Volunteer

Sometimes people who find injured wildlife are unable to bring the animals to PAWS Wildlife Center. These animals are temporarily housed at Seattle Animal Shelter.

Wildlife Transport Team volunteers contact Seattle Animal Shelter on their scheduled day to determine if there are animals to be transported to PAWS for rehabilitation. Generally the animals needing transport are contained, but some animal handling may be involved.

Wildlife Transport Team volunteers must be dependable, have reliable transportation, and be sensitive to the animals' stress level. Wildlife Transport Team members keep transport materials and equipment in their possession. Gas mileage cannot be reimbursed but is tax-deductible if proper records are kept.

**Must have, or be able to obtain, a Washington State driver's license with no major or repeated minor traffic offenses as well as providing proof of current 100/300 insurance coverage.

Dates Available: Year-round

Shifts: Volunteers are asked to commit to a minimum of two shifts per month. Volunteers may transport animals more frequently than two days per month if they are able and willing. Transports generally occur in the late afternoon/early evening hours.

Time commitment: Volunteers are scheduled for two shifts per month for a minimum of six months.

Location: PAWS Wildlife Center, Lynnwood, WA and Seattle Animal Shelter, Seattle, WA

Training required: Wildlife Transport Team volunteers are required to attend:

  • A volunteer orientation.
  • Wildlife Transport Team training prior to their first scheduled transport.
  • A Wildlife Ethics Workshop within their first three months of volunteering.

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