Wildlife Care Volunteers Needed

If you love wildlife, don’t mind hard work, and want an incredibly rewarding experience, look no further than PAWS Wildlife Center. Now is the peak season for baby animals, who are brought to our wildlife hospital every day in need of assistance, and that means we need your help!

Volunteers help wildlife at PAWS in the following ways:

Wildlife Care Assistants spend much of their time cleaning cages, doing laundry and dishes, preparing food, assisting staff with animal care, preparing cages, sweeping and mopping, and, in the spring and summer, hand-feeding young mammals.

Bird Nursery Caretakers assist with the hand-feeding of nestling and juvenile songbirds, cleaning cages, keeping birds clean, preparing food, and monitoring the health of the birds.

These are both fun, rewarding, and invigorating positions, and involve much direct care to animals who are dependent upon volunteer help.

Transport Team volunteers are our wildlife ambulance service! Animals being temporarily housed at the Seattle Animal Shelter need to be transported to PAWS every day for care. This is where our volunteers step in! Transport Team volunteers coordinate transport of wildlife from the shelter to PAWS. Without volunteer help, these animals would not be able to receive the care they need. 


A volunteer hand-feeds a Northern Flying Squirrel


Wildlife Care Assistants and Bird Nursery Caretakers commit to a regular, weekly schedule for a six month period. Transport Team volunteers sign up for two shifts per month (minimum). Volunteers attend animal skills training and must pass a background check. 

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