PAWS Pittie Committee Member

Reports to:
Rachel Bird, Animal Behavior Lead

Shifts & hours: Monday-Sunday from 8-5 p.m. (unless fostering)

Job overview
Pit Bulls—or Pits as they’re sometimes called—often stay in shelters longer than other breeds, and can succumb to kennel stress because of this. We want to keep these loving dogs happy during their time with us by providing them with some extra opportunities to burn off that stress! 

This volunteer position is designed to help reduce the stress of pit bulls and keep them highly adoptable while in our shelter. PAWS Pittie Committee members will provide additional in-shelter enrichment, training, off site adventures, and fostering.

PAWS Pittie Committee members will also educate the public about the breed, advocate them for adoption, and encourage people to be more open minded about bully breeds.

In-shelter attention includes: Working on basic training and leash manners, ball play, trail walks (or runs!), and taking photos and videos to help market them. Any current dog volunteer can start at this level.

Offsite adventures can include: Taking a dog swimming (we provide a life jacket for the dog), for a hike (we provide a back pack), or just a leisurely walk in the park. 

Foster opportunities can include: A long kennel break or a longer term stay if a dog has kennel cough and needs recovery time.

You will need to be comfortable handling large, powerful pit bulls and pit bull mixes. Must be comfortable taking them out on walks, answering questions about them, and taking photos and video and emailing them to Rachel.

Minimum requirements:

  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Have completed a PAWS New Volunteer Orientation
  • All volunteers who are doing hands on animal handling or care must complete our Dog Skills Class
  • Have completed an Info Session with a Companion Animal Services staff member
  • Have a PAWS Volunteer Contract, Liability Waiver, and Essential Functions document on file
  • Have completed and passed a background check

Additional requirements:

  • Training with Rachel for offsite adventures
  • Foster Class if you choose to foster

How to get started
Your first step is to sign up for a New Volunteer Orientation, after which you will need to successfully complete our Dog Skills Class (you can sign up for this after you've attended the initial orientation).

Once your orientation and Dog Skills training are complete, please email, and our Pittie Committee team will take you through the rest of the application process to become a member.

Please email with questions or requests for further information.