Companion Animal Shelter Gardening Assistant

Position description: Our grounds are in constant need of care, and keeping them maintained is important to both the safety of the animals and the people at PAWS. The Gardening Assistants are responsible for weeding around the shelter and other landscaped areas, planting native plants, helping to maintain the dog walking trail, and performing other landscaping duties as needed.

Dates Available: Year-round

Shifts: Flexible. Volunteers must be able to work during PAWS' business hours and coordinate their efforts with the Companion Animal Services volunteer program manager to ensure completion of specific projects.

Time commitment: Flexible.

Location: PAWS Companion Animal Shelter, Lynnwood, WA

Training required: Companion Animal Shelter Gardening Assistants are required to attend:

  • A volunteer orientation.
  • Any other training will occur on-the-job as the need arises.

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