Celebrating our Volunteers

Without the dedication of our 1,000 plus volunteers, we simply couldn't do what we do to help wild and companion animals in need. 

Whether it's dog walking in torrential Pacific Northwest downpours, syringe-feeding baby mammals around the clock, opening up their homes to animals in need of foster care, or spreading the PAWS word at community events throughout the region, our volunteers make a huge difference every day of every year—and we are immensely thankful for them all.

Here are some of the special thanks given at this year's Volunteer Appreciation Party, an annual event that celebrates and congratulates our volunteers for all that they do.

Volunteers of the Year 2015

Randi Hagen, Wildlife Center
Randi stands out in all aspects of being a PAWS wildlife volunteer—from showing up when we need her most (no matter if there’s a storm raging or it’s a holiday), to taking on releases and bringing us bunny grass all summer long! She is a valuable part of the wildlife transport team, was a huge help during the recent oil spill, and always stays until everything is done. Thank you, Randi, for being an exceptional, cheerful wildlife volunteer for the past 12 years!

Meredy Davis, Companion Animal Shelter
Meredy has been a volunteer with PAWS since September 2013. During her time here, she has worked in Foster Care, as a Transport Volunteer, Front Lobby Assistant, Kennel Attendant, and at our events. So far, she has worked approximately 1,000 hours! The CAS team feels very lucky to have Meredy as a member of our team. Her dedication, kindness and generosity is always so greatly appreciated. Thank you, Meredy, for helping so many animals!

Dawn Sklerov, PAWS Cat City
Dawn has put in hundreds of hours over the years, starting as a Cat City volunteer at our old Greenwood location. She provides amazing customer service and is a great teammate. She has also fostered cats, kittens (including a challenging litter of ringworm kitties) and (soon) pups. She’s a reliable weekend transporter, as well as being a master of registration for both PAWS Wild Night and PAWSwalk. And she does it all with a smile and great sense of humor! Thank you, Dawn!

Beth Hormann, Foster Parent
Beth and her husband, Dennis, have been fostering for PAWS since December 2009. In 2015, they fostered 46 kittens and puppies. Each year, Beth takes on the most fragile foster cases requiring round-the-clock care, bottle feeding, medical appointments and lots of TLC. It takes incredible strength and dedication to work with these animals knowing that while some of her charges will cross over the rainbow bridge, most will survive and have amazing lives because of her. Thank you, Beth!

Rändi Seversen, Donor & Community Relations
Rändi has been volunteering with PAWS for 12 years! Wednesdays would not be the same without her at DCR. Always eager to step up in a leadership role, she’s been an essential part of registration at PAWSwalk for many years. Her energetic demeanor, upbeat attitude and dedication to animal welfare make her a joy to work with. Thanks, Rändi, for all the times you’ve gone the extra mile to make PAWS Wild Night and PAWSwalk a huge success!

Honorary Mentions 2015

  • Sue Andersen, Bird Nursery Caretaker
  • Joan Arakaki, Vet Clinic Assistant, Cat Isolation Cleaner, Event Volunteer, Bird Nursery Caretaker, Foster Parent
  • Jenny Blasé, Wildlife Care Assistant
  • Jaclyn Bringuez, Bird Nursery Caretaker
  • Gary Burnopp, Cat Isolation Cleaner, Cat City Assistant
  • Gianna Cannataro, Cat City Assistant
  • Philip Castle, DCR Administration Volunteer, Event Volunteer
  • Sheri Clark, Bird Nursery Caretaker, Wildlife Care Assistant
  • Kathleen Cottle, CAS Advanced Training Volunteer, CAS Transport Team, Foster Parent, Kennel Attendant, Event Volunteer 
  • KC Dill, Wildlife Rehabilitation Intern, Wildlife Care Assistant
  • Gail Epps, Bird Nursery Caretaker, Cat Room Cleaner, Foster Parent
  • Tammie Fehn, Cat City Assistant
  • Jodi Gaylord, Wildlife Care Assistant, Event Volunteer
  • Donna Gonder, Wildlife Transport Team
  • Karen Haimes, DCR Administration Volunteer 
  • Jen Hanft, Dog Behavior Volunteer, CAS Transport Team, Event Volunteer, Pittie Committee
  • Lacey Hill, Event Volunteer
  • Lynnette Husted, Foster Parent
  • Jacob Lemberg, Cat City Assistant, Event Volunteer
  • Michelle Loprieno, Cat City Assistant, Foster Parent
  • Ashley Morrison, Foster Parent, Kennel Attendant 
  • Lorre Myers, Dog Behavior Volunteer, Event Volunteer, Post Surgery Clinic Assistant, CAS Advanced Training Volunteer
  • Annie Olson, Wildlife Admissions Intern, Wildlife Care Assistant, Event Volunteer, Baby Bird Nursery Intern 
  • Dave Pacher, Wildlife Care Assistant, Wildlife Transport Team
  • Mary Pacher, Wildlife Care Assistant, Wildlife Transport Team
  • Allison Palmer, Foster Parent
  • Joe Prall, CAS Photography Team
  • Nancy Ross, Foster Parent
  • Kathie Roth, DCR Administration Volunteer, Wildlife Facility Caretaker Assistant, Wildlife Transport Team, Event Volunteer
  • Chuck Springer, Cat Room Attendant, CAS Photography Team, Foster Parent
  • Tammy Stawicki, Cat City Assistant, Event Volunteer 
  • Rob Stevens, Wildlife Care Assistant 
  • JoAnn Syron, Bird Nursery Caretaker
  • Stacy Takushi, Bird Nursery Caretaker
  • Joanna Tarr, Dog Behavior Volunteer, CAS Transport Team, Foster Parent
  • Judy Taylor, Foster Parent, Post Surgery Clinic Assistant, Cat Room Cleaner, CAS Transport Team
  • Kathy Wright, Cat City Transport Team, Cat City Assistant
  • Michelle Wyman, Wildlife Care Assistant

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