Celebrating our Volunteers

Without the dedication of our 1,000 plus volunteers, we simply couldn't do what we do to help wild and companion animals in need. 

Whether it's dog walking in torrential Pacific Northwest downpours, syringe-feeding baby mammals around the clock, opening up their homes to animals in need of foster care, or spreading the PAWS word at community events throughout the region, our volunteers make a huge difference every day of every year—and we are immensely thankful for them all.

Here are some of the special thanks given at this year's Volunteer Appreciation Party, an annual event that celebrates and congratulates our volunteers for all that they do.

Volunteers of the Year 2016

Kathleen Cottle, Companion Animal Shelter

Kathleen is one of our hard working Dog Behavior Volunteers. She is passionate about helping the animals at PAWS and is willing to pitch in anywhere she is most needed—whether it’s working with the dogs, transporting animals from the airport in her own vehicle, setting up adoption visits, or throwing in a load of laundry. Kathleen is a leader among her fellow volunteers and is also a dedicated foster parent. Thank you for everything you do for PAWS and the animals!

Jodi Gaylord, PAWS Wildlife Center

Jodi is our number one wildlife releaser, always prepared and happy to drive any wild patient anywhere for their release, even if that means sitting in rush hour traffic to release a Red-tailed Hawk in Puyallup! Because of Jodi’s readiness to respond, our patients are spending less time in our care, which reduces their stress. She also has amazing powers of organization. Put her on a project and she will get it done fabulously and in no time. And she makes amazing chocolate! Thank you for everything you do for PAWS!

Marin Henkels, PAWS Cat City

We are so lucky to have Marin as our one-woman welcome wagon, quite literally going the extra miles to safely shuttle cats down to Cat City every week! Her kindness and compassion ensure that these cats get to embark on the grand adventure of meeting their new families and finding a place to call home. We thank you for your boundless energy and dedication, which shines through in everything you do!

Nancy Ross, Foster Parent

Nancy and her husband are truly a force to be reckoned with when it comes to providing life-saving foster care. Since 2002, they have stepped up to the plate time after time, providing a safe home filled with love, comfort and medical care for cats and kittens in need. For the past two years this dynamic duo has been fostering cats with ringworm, best described as rub-a-dub kitty tub time, and even took on a rambunctious litter of six kittens requiring treatment at the same time.

Kathie Roth, Donor & Community Relations

Kathie has been volunteering with PAWS for nearly twelve years. Always eager to help with our special events such as PAWS Wild Night, and administrative tasks in the Donor and Community Relations department, Kathie accomplishes any task that is thrown her way. Her positive and calm demeanor along with her perseverance in accomplishing PAWS’ mission makes her a true champion for animals. Wishing her a big and heartfelt thank you for her ongoing and generous support.


Honorary Mentions 2016

Companion Animal Shelter

Susan Bocek
Gary Burnopp
Mary Cleveland Brown
Kathleen Cottle
Renee Doi
Andi Gero
Jen Hanft
Corey Murphy
Simon Wong

Donor & Community Relations

Beth Braun
Mary Clark
Rändi Seversen
Wayne Spaulding

Foster Care Program

Asa Fox
Julia Grey
Ashley & Cindi Morrison
Jessica & Paula Parsons
Jan Schowengerdt

PAWS Cat City

Justine Fogarty
Nadia Herrarte
Carissa Leone
Katie Koozer
Les Moorman

PAWS Wildlife Center

Sheri Clark
Natalie Daughtry
Renee Doi
Jen Dunnaway
Wit Ekman
Randi Hagen
Dianne Hofstedt
Bettie Hugo
Nancy Lanning
Helen Mirabella
Carolyn Mitchell
Al Poma
Andrea Provenzano
Kathie Roth
Jo Ann Syron

Interested in joining our amazing team? Check out our volunteering, foster care and internship opportunities, and sign up online today!