Find Animal-Related Laws

Read the full, official language of Washington State's RCWs (Revised Codes of Washington) on animal cruelty and summaries of the sentences.

Animal cruelty in the first degree RCW 16.52.205:

Animal cruelty in the second degree (includes animal abandonment) RCW 16.52.207:

(except section: (2)(c) see below):

Animal cruelty in the second degree (section (2)(c))—if animal is abandoned and suffers bodily harm or is at substantial risk for suffering bodily harm:

Animal fighting RCW 16.52.117:

  • Class C Felony
  • Fine up to $10,000
  • Imprisonment up to 5 years
  • Prohibits violators from owning animals in the future.

Legal intervention by others to help animals without food or water RCW 16.52.100

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