Wet Nose Wednesdays

We've teamed up with Warm 106.9FM to highlight a few of our many adoptable dogs on-air and online.

Listen for mentions on air every Wednesday, and bookmark this page for a new video every two weeks. You can also get social with us. Follow our #WetNoseWednesday hashtag on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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May 10: Rick, Darryl, Harvey

Rick 2 Darryl 1 harveybed3 3

Meet these adorable adoptables on Warm 106.9's website

May 3: Schroeder, Missy, Stitch

Schroeder 2 Missy 1 2 Stitch 2 2

Missy & Stitch

Photographer: Sara Roolf Instagram @sararoolf
Stylist: Becca Gotz Instagram @bgotz

March 29: Karma, Aspen, Buddy

karma crop aspen crop buddy crop

If you want to look back at some of the dogs and cats featured on past Wet Nose Wednesdays, all of whom have found loving homes, visit our Wet Nose Wednesday archives.