PAWS' Timeline 1967-1999


  • 1999—Began operation of PAWS Olympic Wildlife Center in McCleary, WA.
  • 1997—Closed the thrift store and opened PAWS Cat City in Seattle's Greenwood neighborhood, a unique cage-free, open-colony adoption center just for cats and kittens—the first of its kind in the Puget Sound.
  • 1997—Ended euthanasia of healthy, adoptable companion animals in our care.
  • 1997—Internationally-recognized wildlife veterinary medicine extern program began.
  • 1996—Founded the Washington Wildlife Alliance, a political action committee formed to pass Washington State's I-655 (ban on hunting cougars with hounds and bear baiting). The initiative passed with the second largest margin of victory of any statewide race.
  • 1995—PAWS Foster Care Program created, allowing PAWS to save under-aged and sick kittens and puppies, as well as ill and injured adult dogs and cats.
  • 1994—After campaigning for seven years, PAWS was instrumental in helping send Ivan, a western lowland gorilla, to Zoo Atlanta after he spent more than 25 years in solitary confinement in a Tacoma shopping mall.
  • 1992—PAWS played an integral part in getting King County Ordinance 123 passed, requiring King County shelters to spay and neuter animals adopted to the public.
  • 1992—First PAWSwalk at Woodland Park in Seattle.
  • 1991 & 1993—Twice helped put a halt to the U.S. Navy's plans to use dolphins to patrol in Western Washington waters.
  • 1989—Wildlife rehabilitation center and hospital built on property in Lynnwood, WA across the parking lot from the companion animal shelter (we are still on this property today).
  • 1987—PAWS won an injunction requiring University of Washington's Animal Care Committee to hold open meetings.
  • 1986-87—Rehabilitated and released first Black Bear.
  • 1985—Began campaign to end the Omak Suicide Race.
  • 1981—Rehabilitation of wild animals began, using the building that was the original shelter.
  • 1970—Became the first shelter in Washington State to require the spaying or neutering of every adopted animal.
  • 1969—Current companion animal shelter built, expanded in 1986.
  • 1968—PAWS purchased land with a house on it in Lynnwood, WA, and converted another building on the property into a shelter for homeless companion animals. We are still on this property today.
  • 1967—PAWS was founded and incorporated as a not-for-profit agency. Founding members ran a thrift store to raise money for spay and neuter surgeries to help end pet overpopulation.

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