Wendy Laymon Still Selling Sick Puppies

PAWS has been receiving complaints about Wendy Laymon, a puppy mill reseller, for more than a decade. While living in Arlington, WA, Laymon had a Snohomish County kennel license allowing her to house and breed dogs on her property operating under the business name "Best Friends." It did not allow her to import puppies for resale, which is exactly what she was doing. Reselling dogs is a pet store operation and she not only lacked the appropriate license but her home was not zoned for such activity. During her time in Washington she imported thousands of dogs from puppy mills in Missouri and Iowa. Between 1997 and 1998 the estimated retail value of puppies sold was $260,000.

Customers who purchased dogs from Laymon were reportedly not allowed to see the kennels. She would either invite customers to her house to view the specific dog or she would meet them in a restaurant parking lot. She would resell these puppies under the premise that they were "home-raised" and pure bred but would never reveal their true origin and rarely could provide American Kennel Club (AKC) or other kennel registration papers.

Soon after their purchase and a visit to the veterinarian, many of Laymon's victims noticed their dogs were dehydrated, infected with Coccidia, parvovirus, ear mites, respiratory infections, mange or Giardia. Many unfortunate puppies died within a few days. Laymon has used at least eight names and aliases in her business dealings including Cindy Laymon, Jan Franklin, Wendy Blogett, or Wendy Franklin.

Wendy Laymon has had multiple cases filed against her with a number of convictions. PAWS worked with the Snohomish County Prosecutor and Snohomish County Licensing Department, as well as the countless victims, to bring Laymon to court where she pled guilty on six counts of doing business without a kennel license. At her sentencing Laymon received 180 days in jail and a $2,400 fine. Upon release she was restricted from owning or selling animals in Washington State for two years.

PAWS continues to receive numerous complaints regarding Wendy Laymon from concerned citizens in Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky, Washington and Iowa. All complained that they were sold sick puppies, many of which were obviously not the "pure" breed she claimed (Wheaton Terriers, Bichon Frises, English Bulldogs,) and the promised papers have not been provided. These victims told us Wendy Laymon currently resides in Rogersville, Missouri and has resumed her business. Missouri is known as the number one puppy mill state proving to be an ideal location for Laymon to carry on selling these ill-fated dogs.

What you can do

If you have recently had contact with Wendy Laymon or have bought a dog from her, here are some steps you can take to ensure you do not end up a victim. If you already are a victim, please consider taking the following steps to protect other innocent animal lovers:

  1. Call your city or county prosecutor, alert them to Wendy Laymon's tarnished history and ask that they investigate whether your area has any laws she can be charged under (including consumer fraud, zoning and licensing).
  2. Notify county and city shelters in your area and give them the information on Laymon's lengthy fraudulent background and ask them to spread the word.
  3. Post your experiences on Internet bulletin boards such as Craig's List and Pet Finder in order to spread the word about her. Wendy Laymon frequently advertises puppies in newspapers so if you see an ad, alert the paper to her business practices and request that they not allow her to advertise with them.
  4. If you did purchase a dog from Laymon there are a couple additional steps you can take. Alert your veterinarian of your dog's history and potential exposure to the various infections listed above. We also suggest you spay or neuter the dog because of his/her poor genetics.
  5. Laymon's history of deception is obvious and it would be of no surprise if she also cheated on other aspects of her life such as her taxes. To those of you who paid Laymon, especially those of you who paid in cash, alert the Better Business Bureau and IRS.

    Better Business Bureau: bbb.org
    Internal Revenue Service: 1.800.829.0433

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