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Teams are one of the most important parts of PAWSwalk, and a fun way to gather your friends, family, neighbors, or co-workers together for a day to support PAWS. Here in the PAWSwalk Team Center you'll find useful tools to help you reach your fundraising goals. There are links to PDFs of our PAWSwalk 2010 poster and a Team Progress Poster you can print out and hang in your office to encourage your coworkers to join you!

Five quick tips to recruit PAWSwalk teammates

  1. Send an e-mail to your friends, family, and co-workers.
  2. Invite your Facebook and twitter friends to join your team.
  3. Talk it up! Mention PAWSwalk at your company or club meetings.
  4. Post a link to your PAWSwalk team page on your employee intranet.
  5. Share your personal story of why you support PAWS and PAWSwalk.

Ten fundraising tips

  1. Use
    Visit your login page to send out quick and easy fundraising e-mails to friends and family!
  2. Contact everyone you know
    Start with your email address book, then your regular address book and so on. You'll be surprised who gives!
  3. Add social media to the mix
    Use status updates on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn to update friends on your fundraising and provide a direct link to your fundraising page (just go to your page and copy the link address out of the bar at the top of your browser).
  4. Customize your e-mails
    Make the e-mail template yours! Include a personal story—why you're walking, why PAWS is important to you, and where the money goes.
  5. Friendly competition
    Encourage your team members to compete against one another, or another PAWSwalk team! Who can raise the most donations in a day? Who recruited the most team members this week? It's all for the animals, so get going!
  6. Matching gifts
    Encourage your donors to double the power of their donation by matching it through their employer!
  7. PAWSwalk posters
    Print out a PAWSwalk poster (PDF 485KB) to hang in your office or favorite local shop that does not already have one. You can also print out and motivate your team with a PAWSwalk Team Progress poster (PDF 1MB). These are great tools to raise awareness!
  8. Ask, ask, and ask again
    People can only make a donation if you give them the opportunity. Don't be shy about asking more than once. People need to be reminded!
  9. FUNdraising!
    Fundraising should always be fun! Turn your annual Labor Day BBQ into a fundraiser. Organize a dog treat bake sale. Ask for a dress-down (or up) donation and turn Tuesdays into Causal Fridays! The possibilities are endless!
  10. Send a personalized thank you, again
    After you've completed your fundraising, send your results to donors and thank them again for their support. They love to hear about your success!

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