Heartwarming Stories from blog.paws.org

Earlier this year, we were thrilled to launch the PAWS Blog on our website. It has been such a fun way to share the many uplifting stories we see throughout the year with the people who make them possible—you, our friends and supporters. Here are a few special tales that warmed our hearts. We hope you enjoy them, too.


At 10 years old, Sandy should have been living a comfy life with the family she'd known her whole life. Instead, she was given up to PAWS just as she was about to give birth. Within 24 hours, Sandy delivered five healthy puppies. To give her a quieter environment in which to nurse, rest and care for her puppies, Sandy and her brood went to foster care for a few weeks. Back at PAWS, Sandy was adopted by a wonderful woman who said it feels like they've been together forever. All the puppies found their forever homes, too.


Black-tailed Deer

In July, our friend at the Heernett Environmental Foundation in Tenino, Washington informed us she spotted a healthy, beautiful female Black-tailed Deer on the property who PAWS had raised as an orphan and released there in 2007. We knew it was her by the eartag. Just hearing that the doe was alive, healthy and thriving was great news, but the best news was she was not alone. A sweet fawn was following closely on her heels as the doe climbed a hill and disappeared into the forest.

Black Bear cubs

Some of the biggest hits have been the videos of the five orphaned Black Bear cubs currently growing up at PAWS. It has been a delight to watch them as they untiringly, and sometimes clumsily, learn to forage and build strength by playing and climbing all over the pools, logs and crates in their enclosures. After the trauma they have already faced in their short lives, it's inspiring to see them express their natural behaviors, and grow into the wild bears they are meant to be. (See the videos for yourself at blog.paws.org.)


Sumo came to PAWS as a scruffy tomcat and blossomed into a dashing fellow with help from a great foster home. His new mom, Noelle Galicia, who adopted him in June, posted photos on our Facebook page within hours of bringing him home, along with the note, "Thanks again for all the help guys! Sumo has been exploring his new surroundings since we got home. He especially loves the windows!" (Apparently the carpet, too.)

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