A Castle for Queen Sophie

The 11-year-old lady Sophie had a regal demeanor that caused many of her caretakers at PAWS to affectionately dub her Queen Sophie. She loved having her cheeks brushed and chasing the laser pointer, but wasn't fond of sharing her castle with other cats, and could be reserved with her affections. This combination of qualities and her age dissuaded some adopters from considering adding royalty to their family.

Sophie came to PAWS in May 2009 when, tragically, her life-long guardian passed away. Staff and volunteers took extra care in making sure Sophie was adjusting comfortably and getting in front of as many potential adopters as possible. We tried several venues: a small room of her own at the shelter, her own private suite at PAWS Cat City in Seattle and some quiet time in a foster home. Sophie's story was featured on the PAWS Blog, Facebook, Greenwood neighborhood blogs, and spread by word-of-mouth. An entire year went by and still no permanent home for Sophie. In June, she returned to PAWS Cat City where we featured her in a room with windows overlooking the street. We wouldn't give up on finding her dream home.

After 14 months with PAWS, Sophie's day had come. While walking by Cat City, Catherine Lewis spotted Sophie and read her touching story posted in the window. After a night of contemplation, Catherine whole-heartedly decided to adopt Sophie. Now, Queen Sophie is in the comforts of her very own kingdom, being pampered and loved by Lady Catherine and soaking up her happily ever after.

Everyone at PAWS is grateful for your support that made this special adoption possible.

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