PAWS Magazine

Issue 69, Spring 2008

Back to School

When Bryce and Ryoko Molenkamp adopted Kona from PAWS, they made a lifetime commitment to him. As Kona adjusted to his new home, he began showing some difficult cult behaviors that were hard to manage, such as a stubborn streak and excitability around other dogs. Thankfully, the Molenkamps knew just who to turn to and called PAWS for help. The advice: go back to school.

Photo of Kona in class.
PAWS' graduate Kona, perfecting his down-stay in Basic Dog Training class.

PAWS offers a series of dog training classes suited to just about every need, including a Challenging Dog class for dogs like Kona, taught by Certified Pet Dog Trainer Caren Malgesini. This five-week course---one of only a few of its kind in the Seattle area---is for dogs who lack social skills or who are reactive to people or other dogs, for example, leaping in the air or barking excessively. "It's about changing how people act when they are out with their dogs, so that their dogs will respond differently," said Caren. "Simple things, like loosening up on the leash, using the ‘watch me' command to redirect their dog's attention to them, and," Caren chuckled, "remembering to breathe."

To meet the high demand for our classes, PAWS established a new partnership with The Whole Pup in Edmonds, a full-service doggie daycare. Before this partnership, our classes took place in PAWS' outdoor training space, and were limited to the warmer summer months. The Whole Pup's large, well-equipped, indoor facility allows us to offer classes year-round.

Kona and the Molenkamps were so successful in their Challenging Dog class, they graduated and enrolled in a Basic Dog Training class this February. With the new techniques they've learned, they can now enjoy their outings with Kona in the real world. To learn more about the dog training classes offered by PAWS, visit or call 425.787.2500 x820.

Sit happens, at PAWS' dog training classes!

Basic Dog Training I – for dogs 5 months or older. Covers how dogs think and learn, pack structure and leadership, commands such as "sit," "down," "stay," "wait," "leave it," "come" and more, as well as how to teach your dog to respond reliably to your visual and verbal clues.

Basic Dog Training II – for dogs who have completed Basic Dog Training I, or a similar class. This fun and interactive course will help keep your dog working and learning new skills.

Canine Good Citizen® Class – for dogs who have completed Basic Dog Training, or a similar class, and for families looking to prepare for and take the AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test.

Challenging Dog Class I & II – designed for dogs who react strongly to their environment and may not be a good fit for regular dog training classes. In order to determine that this is the right class for you and your dog, we will ask you to complete a survey before enrollment is confirmed.

Did you know?
Common behavior problems in dogs are often just a result of lack of training and good manners. Sadly, these fix-able problems are still one of the top reasons why dogs are relinquished to shelters, especially puppies and "teenage" dogs. Learn more about our dog training classes at or call 425.787.2500 x820.


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