PAWS Magazine

Issue 68, Fall 2007

Home for the Holidays

Every winter during PAWS' Home for the Holidays adoption campaign, we happily watch dogs and cats leave with their new guardians, heading for their forever homes. This holiday season, our goal is to find loving homes for 500 animals. We checked in with PAWS' graduates Lizzie, Louise, and Gracie, who all found their way home in 2006.

Lizzie and Louise
Anita Smith was looking for a feline companion for her cat, so one chilly November day she headed to PAWS Cat City in Seattle. On entering the cat colony, she spotted a gorgeous pair of older cats, Thelma and Louise. It was love at first sight, and Anita adopted them both. They took some time to settle in and make their peace with Anita's resident cat, but have definitely made Anita's home theirs. Although Thelma—now renamed Lizzie—was diagnosed with kidney disease last July, Anita wasn't about to give up on her new friend. Several trips to the vet and a balance of prescription food and daily fluids have Lizzie feeling much better. Now, at 10 years old, she is the "queen bee" of her loving household.


When Jillian Armijo's senior Japanese Spitz, Hoss, lost his longtime canine companion, his loneliness was profound. Jillian couldn't imagine Hoss bonding again like he had with his old friend, but he was clearly suffering from a lack of companionship. As a PAWS volunteer, Jillian met many charming dogs every week. Then last December, Jillian found Ruby: an 11-year-old terrier/sheltie mix with rich brown eyes. Braving a winter storm, Jillian brought Hoss to the shelter so the two could meet. After 10 minutes of thorough sniffing and eager tail wagging, the two dogs curled up together as if to say, "We're ready to go home now—both of us." Ruby, now Gracie, shares everything with her adoring friend Hoss, and no one can imagine home without her.

Looking for your perfect match?
Not sure what personality, age or breed-type of dog or cat would be right for your family and lifestyle? Our adoption counselors are here to help! We'll introduce you to some characters who will win your heart and fit right into your home, just in time for the holidays.


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