PAWS Magazine

Issue 68, Fall 2007

Increase your Animal IQ

Did you know that elephants live in complex, social communities, whose members bond for life? When elephants reunite after an absence they enjoy elaborate greeting rituals, and when an elephant dies her extended family grieves deeply.

Elephants kept in captivity by circuses experience tremendous suffering and loss. The grueling schedule of traveling between performances requires elephants to be separated from each other, and hobbled in chains for days on end. To train baby elephants, they are torn away from their mothers. Support circuses that don't use animals.

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Did you know that female chickens have an instinctive need to nest? In nature, a hen follows an intricate system, tossing twigs and leaves over her back to create a perfect circle around her until the nest is complete.

In today's typical mass-production egg farms, hens are kept in tiny, barren wire cages. Their inability to nest in factory farm cages causes severe psychological distress to these gentle creatures. You can help by buying eggs from free-range farms, or limiting your egg intake and experimenting with egg substitutes in recipes. Start with the delicious vegan holiday recipes in this issue!


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