PAWS Magazine

Issue 66, Spring 2007

Snip, Snip, Hooray!

Spaying and neutering are proven to reduce pet overpopulation and the suffering of unwanted animals who end up abandoned and homeless. So each year PAWS takes the lead in coordinating a special event offering discounted spay and neuter surgeries across Snohomish, Island and Skagit Counties.

A team effort involving PAWS, The NOAH Center, The Whidbey Animals' Improvement Foundation (WAIF), Everett Animal Services, and the Humane Society of Skagit Valley—as well as many friends in the veterinary community—Spay Day 2007 took place on February 27. Since Spay Day was launched in 1995, the efforts of PAWS and its partners have resulted in more than 4,700 spay and neuter surgeries in our community.

Gerry Lusk made the choice to have her three month- old puppy Wiggles altered on Spay Day. She adopted Wiggles during the holidays after her daughter Cherie Goldsmith had helped save the tiny pup and her three siblings from a life-threatening situation. After finding loving homes for three of the pups, Cherie found the perfect home for Wiggles with her mother who recently lost a long-time canine companion. They both knew that proper veterinary care, including a spay surgery, was in order for Wiggles, and were thrilled to see the ad for the low-cost surgery at PAWS. Of her experience Cherie smiled, "Everyone was so helpful and upbeat. It's really obvious how much you all care."

Pumpkin and Lucy
Amber Bowling was grateful her mother saw an ad for Spay Day, too. Amber called PAWS immediately to secure spots for her cats Pumpkin and Lucy at the clinic. She adopted the orange tabbies from someone looking for good homes for a litter of unexpected kittens. As a responsible guardian, Amber knew the importance of having them altered, but the typical cost of surgery for both cats was more than she could manage. Having known of PAWS for years, Amber was confident that her cats would be handled with the utmost care. "I was worried about my babies all day," Amber said, "but this was such a good experience. I'm so glad I got involved."

Thanks to the efforts of the medical team at PAWS, and everyone who made Spay Day possible, we are preventing the future suffering of literally thousands of unwanted animals—all in one day!

Spay and Neuter Fact Sheet


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