PAWS Magazine

Issue 64, Summer 2006

Here for the animals when it counts

It all adds up when you care for nearly 10,000 animals each year. PAWS does the math...

872 – pints of beer purchased in 2005 by friends of animals to raise funds at Have a Pint for PAWS events, graciously hosted by Molly Maguires and The Ould Triangle pubs. Cheers!

1,287 – miles volunteer Jim Nobriga has walked dogs around PAWS' nature trail during his twice weekly shifts since 2000. PAWS volunteers also help feed injured wildlife, socialize kittens, and much more. Want to help? Call us!

5 – cost in dollars of life-saving antibiotics for a songbird with bite wounds. Thirteen percent of wild animals brought to PAWS have been attacked by cats. For tips on keeping your cat indoors, check out

10,950 – number of treat-filled Kong® toys that all adoptable dogs will enjoy in a given year while waiting for a new family. View the dogs' "wishlist" of toys and treats.

141 – number of homeless cats and dogs that were transferred from our shelter partners since January 2006. By proactively partnering with local shelters and rescue groups—taking in animals when their facilities become full—PAWS can help the most animals in need.

92.5 degrees Fahrenheit – the temperature of an incubator for orphaned baby raccoons in care at PAWS. Incubator humidity needs to be around 55 percent to provide the optimum environment for the kits.

115 – number of brooms and dustpans Seattle Goose Program volunteers use to clean up after geese in Seattle’s parks. The methods used in this program have proven that conflicts with geese can be successfully and humanely managed. Learn how you can help at

2,150,000 – number of mealworms fed to hungry orphaned and injured wildlife at PAWS in 12 months. Animals as varied as Chickadees and Black Bears enjoy mealworms as a key part of their diets.

962 – nose prints of future cat adopters on the windows of PAWS Cat City. A record number of 962 felines was adopted from our Seattle adoption center in 2005. Is your new best friend waiting at Cat City?

13 – the number of lucky Wild Night bidders whose best friends will be featured in PAWS 2007 calendar, courtesy of B. Sparks, Photographer. The calendar will be debuted September 9 at PAWSwalk. Run, don't walk, to get your copy!

40 – Next year PAWS will celebrate its 40th anniversary! Since our founding in 1967, PAWS has cared for more than 215,000 precious lives. Please share your PAWS memories and your ideas for our anniversary celebrations! Email us at, or write us at PAWS 40th Anniversary, P.O. Box 1037, Lynnwood, WA 98046. Here's to the next 40 years of people helping animals!


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