PAWS Magazine

Issue 63, Spring 2006

You're invited to a very special Baby Shower

What do a raccoon kit, an orphan puppy, a songbird nestling and a newborn kitten all have in common? PAWS will care for these little ones—and thousands like them—in the coming months. Imagine all those hungry little mouths! To help us prepare for our new arrivals, PAWS has registered! Find our wish list of items at to help us care for the baby animals.

As you plan a family gathering, birthday celebration, book club, or office party this spring, use this list and ask each guest to bring a baby shower gift. You could even throw a party especially for the baby animals! Go online to for a print-friendly version of our wish list to mail with your invitations. Or, personalize the sample e-mail you'll also find on our Web site.

It's bath time

  • Baby wet wipes for the foster kittens and puppies
  • Non-clumping type cat litter, prefer un-scented brands

Brrrrrrr, we're cold!

  • Snugglekitties®, hot water bottles and heating pads for newborn and orphaned kittens (available from or snuggleme. com #BT-9604)
  • Heating pads and hot water bottles to keep the orphaned and injured baby wild animals warm!
  • Gently used towels and sheets to use as snug bedding

Help us stay safe

  • $25 gift cards to home improvement stores, so that PAWS can maintain the kennels and wildlife enclosures.
  • Nylon leashes so the puppies can learn to walk nicely on leash, explore and stay fit! Six feet long, medium width leashes, non–retractable style please.
  • Twenty-gallon aquariums with tight fitting lids, to house baby mammals.

I'm hungry

  • Unflavored Pedialyte® and boxed Gerber high-protein baby cereal for orphaned and injured baby wild animals
  • Boxes of healthy dog biscuits and Esbilac brand puppy formula
  • Any flavor of Precise® or Nutro canned wet food for mother cats and kittens
  • Stainless steel food bowls to keep all of the nutritious food in.

You may drop off your donations during PAWS' regular business hours. Call 425.787.2500 for hours and directions.

Gifts purchased at can be shipped directly to PAWS and save you a trip.

Thank you!


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