PAWS Magazine

Issue 61, Summer 2005

PAWS Notes

Kids Helping Animals

May 7th marked the second annual PAWS’ Kids Day. Forty kids learned about caring for their pets at home and living peacefully with neighborhood wildlife.
The three teams—Dancing Ducks, Busy Beavers, and Playful Puppies—also made posters to educate and inspire others to help animals, and crafted animal-themed bookmarks as a souvenir for their day. Plans are underway for another Kids Day this fall! Surf our kids’ website at for news of future events, and everyday things that children can do to help animals.

Hello Kitties

Hundreds of kittens continue to stream into PAWS, and they need your help. Last year, our Foster Care program cared for 1,145 animals - including 908 kittens! PAWS’ kitten room fills up quickly and foster families help with the overflow of at-risk animals who need temporary homes.
Many just need a little care, attention, and socialization, while orphaned kittens need more intensive care, including bottle-feeding. All you need is a love for animals, a little time, and a suitable space for young felines. Contact Jennifer Westfall at or 425/787-2500, ext. 822 to learn more.

Bears graduate with flying colors!

Three orphaned bear cubs who overwintered at PAWS returned to the wild this May. The first two cubs were released at separate locations in the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. The third cub was released into the Cedar River Watershed. Two began snacking on vegetation just minutes after their release, a sure sign that PAWS’ rehabilitators’ hard work paid off. Check out video of the cubs foraging at:
Thanks to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife for its valuable assistance in giving these cubs a second chance at life, and to the many friends of PAWS whose financial support helps us care for orphaned cubs.

The scoop on the Seattle Goose Program

The moratorium we achieved on killing Canada geese in Seattle parks is in its second year, and while we’ve made great progress toward using humane methods to manage the urban goose population, the birds aren’t out of danger yet. The program needs volunteers to help keep selected Seattle parks free of goose poop. The work isn’t glamorous, but has a tremendous impact on park visitors’ perception of the graceful goose, and Seattle’s willingness to continue the moratorium. Training and equipment are provided. For more information, email Donna Diduch at

Cats rule, and the Seattle Foundation agrees

On June 17th, PAWS received a generous grant of $15,000 for general support of Cat City—our largest donation thus far from the Seattle Foundation. Thanks to this gift, we continue to provide exceptional care for homeless cats and kittens awaiting adoption at PAWS’ Greenwood cat adoption facility. Thank you Seattle Foundation!

Serious playtime for puppies

PAWS’ new Puppy Club received “four paws and two thumbs up” from the pups and humans that joined the fun. Puppy Club offers a supervised opportunity for puppies ages eight to 18 weeks to play together while gaining the skills they need to grow into great adult dogs. Puppy Club runs every Saturday through September, from 10-11 am at PAWS in Lynnwood. Call 425-787-2500, x820 or email for more details.


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