PAWS Magazine

Issue 58, Summer 2004

Donor spotlight: Pet Pros "Hope for the Homeless"

Every day, more companion animals become homeless. Some are abandoned, some can no longer be cared for by their guardians, and others are lost and have no ID tags or microchips to help identify them so they can get back home. In an effort to provide hope and assistance to those animals in need in our community, Pet Pros of Lynnwood sponsored the “Hope for the Homeless” Fundraising Campaign in May and June 2004.

Pet Pros customers had the opportunity to donate $1 (or more) to the campaign. Each donor received a giving card that was displayed in the Lynnwood store. Pet Pros matched customer donations and presented a check to PAWS for $1,095!

"We know that our customers are as passionate about their best friends as we are and want to make a difference. The response to this fundraising campaign was fantastic, and we are very pleased to support the work of PAWS companion animal services with this donation," said Pet Pros Merchandise Manager Judee High.

Pet Pros is locally owned and operated, with 12 stores in the Puget Sound area, and provides a neighborhood resource for high quality food and supplies. Next time you need a bag of dog food or a special catnip mouse, drop by Pet Pros and tell them PAWS sent you!

Volunteer Spotlight: Kelly Tyler

Kelly Tyler has been volunteering at PAWS Wildlife Rehabilitation Center for almost two years and has attained the title of Senior Volunteer, which means that, in addition to regular responsibilities, he’s also able to tube-feed animals, administer medications, and handle adult rodents and raptors. He spent a summer as a Bird Nursery Caretaker and then decided to become a Wildlife Care Assistant.

"To me, the beauty of volunteering is that not only are you able to choose where to devote your time and energy, but you may also be able to create your dream position and do things you never imagined possible. I certainly never thought that after a couple of clicks on the Internet and an in-person meeting, I would be in a class learning how to handle, clean, and feed multiple species of birds…but it happened!" says Kelly.

Being a volunteer isn’t always easy or glamorous work, and it certainly isn’t always uplifting. These are sick, injured, kidnapped, and orphaned animals and oftentimes, their fate has been decided long before they reach the PAWS Wildlife Center. However, as Kelly so eloquently explains, "When I watch a concerned fellow volunteer carefully holding an injured Flicker so I can inject it with hydrating fluids, I’m reminded of the compassion in people that is so inspiring. When I lift the sheet to look at this amazing creature, I’m reminded of the delicate beauty in the world that we’re so lucky to experience... and I’m thankful."

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