PAWS Magazine

Issue 57, Spring 2004

Animal Tales

In Memory of Breve - January 6th, 2004

We got Breve after several failed attempts to find the perfect dogs for us at PAWS in Lynnwood in 1993. We had asked if they had "anything hidden in the back?" Well, boy did they ever. He looked like a dirty, matted and neglected baby seal pup, even though he was probably closer to two years old. He had been on the lamb for several days, with no one coming to claim him. Unbelievable!

We named him Breve after our coffee drink, because his fur was like coffee and cream. He did look just like a baby harp seal. Later, he could like a big white wolf, sometimes a polar bear. (Steve would say a bi-polar bear... sorry he snapped at you, pal) He loved the snow when he was healthy, but indifferent to it when he was ill. Towards the end he reminded us of a big, beached Manatee. Our best friend, our monkey boy, wolf, bunny, bear, manatee. A big thanks to all our friends for the love and support, and for the compassion and caring of Dr.Crow from Elliott Bay and her wonderful vet tech who drove to our house in the heavy snow on Breve's last day.

David and Stacya Silverman

Animal Tales is a new feature on our Web site,, and is a way to honor those special people or companion animals who are no longer with us. Sharing your feelings through writing and pictures is a wonderful way to process the emotions associated with the passing of a loved one. We are honored to provide an opportunity for you to share your memories with others. To post your story on our Web site, send it and a photograph to:

Vicki Nelson
P.O. Box 1037
Lynnwood, WA 98046

or e-mail them to:

Please limit your story to 500 words or less and send only one or two photographs. If sending photographs electronically, please use the JPEG format. PAWS will not be able to return photographs sent through the mail and we reserve the right to edit text as needed.

There is no fee for posting memorials or honorariums; however, you can make a donation directly from the Web site or by mail.


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