PAWS Magazine

Issue 57, Spring 2004

From the Heart


Always leave things better than they were when you arrived. I’m not sure who first said it, but it is an adage that rings true to the many dedicated staff and volunteers of PAWS. You see it every day in our daily work. Steve Weaver It may be caring for new arrivals on the PAWS campus, enlightening young children to the beauty and wisdom of animals, or influencing laws in the legislative halls that will guide our society. You can see the practical application of this statement in everything we do. The world is truly a better place for the work that we are able to accomplish together.

In the previous issue, we mentioned the start of our exciting Strategic Planning process. Our journey continues as we revisit, refine and refocus our brief, but powerful value statements that drive our decisions. We’re also revalidating PAWS core positions to ensure that we continue to address the most urgent issues while applying the latest research and experiential data in a way that is relevant in today’s social and economic environment.

Moving forward into 2004 and beyond, we are looking at ways to more effectively serve the needs of animals. We can leverage our knowledge and experience to better help more animals more often, by establishing partnerships and relationships with other like-minded organizations. We will focus more on education and prevention, while continuing to provide excellent direct care to animals in need. We are looking at how to provide facilities that will better serve both the animals and the staff who care for them. And we are actively working to ensure that PAWS thrives now and into the future. Stay with us as this process unfolds. We will keep you informed.

I am continually uplifted by the passion and dedication of the PAWS team. They work tirelessly, even tenaciously, on behalf of the animals. Sometimes setbacks occur. A major legislative effort actively supported by PAWS, HB 1151, unfortunately didn’t pass this year. Although widely supported in the legislature with full passage in the House and unanimous passage out of the Senate Committee, HB 1151 was lost in a procedural fluke when the Senate adjourned early and unexpectedly at the end of the session, rendering most all the bills on the list for passage that afternoon dead for the year. HB 1151 would have made it illegal to keep exotic animals as pets. We will build on the incredible momentum we gained this year, and continue this important work because lives are at stake. That is what inspires all of us. Thanks for your continued interest and support!

Steve Weaver
PAWS Board President

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