PAWS Magazine


Issue 47, Fall 2000


PAWS is people helping animals

"PAWS has always been about people who help animals," says PAWS Advocacy and Outreach Director Richard Huffman. "Now we have a logo that spells it out."

The new PAWS logo was designed to be open and inviting. The tagline—people helping animals—emphasizes the people behind the hard work at PAWS. This new logo is the sixth logo in the 33 year history of PAWS.

The PAWS paw will continue to be the symbol of PAWS. At times the PAWS paw has been a mildly controversial symbol to some people working at PAWS. "I’ve had some people tell me that it looks like it represents a dog’s paw," said Huffman, "while others are equally adamant that it represents a bear’s paw. Because PAWS represents all animals, we were definitely concerned that our symbol be representative of all animals, not just one species."

The paw also clearly doesn’t represent flippered animals, birds, or other animals who don’t have PAWS. "But ultimately we realized that if such a wide variety of people think that the paw could come from species as diverse as a bear or a dog, then we figured that it was a symbol universal enough to represent ALL animals."

New merchandise featuring the logo will be available in time for the holidays. Items ranging from coffee mugs, to t-shirts, to stickers will be available for PAWS supporters to show what their favorite animal welfare group is. Contact Robbin Jones at (425) 787-2500 to receive a list of available items.

It is expected to take at least six months to fully implement the new logo, as PAWS uses up the accumulated letterhead, business cards, forms, and brochures featuring the old logo. To keep costs down, PAWS is planning to replace the logo on certain signs and material towards the end of the useful life of the item. "If a brochure is only a few months old, we aren’t going to throw it out just because we have a new logo," said Huffman. "We will wait until supplies run low and we need to order new ones."

The theme of this year’s PAWS Annual General Meeting, "people helping animals," is directly based on the new logo. The meeting, to be held Tuesday, December 5, at the Shoreline Center, is open to all PAWS members and supporters interested in celebrating the PAWS staff, board, volunteers, and supporters who make a difference for animals. There will be plenty of animal-friendly food available, along with informational displays about PAWS’s work. Each department will hand out volunteer of the year awards.

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