PAWS Magazine

Issue 44, Winter 2000

PAWS advocates go to Olympia

PAWS advocates descended on Olympia en masse during the 2000 legislative session, helping guide several animal-friendly bills through the legislature.

PAWS has six advocates registered as lobbyists working in Olympia. They have their work cut out for them; the legislature has a brief 60-day session this year, and much of their time has been consumed attempting to mitigate the effects of Initiative 695.

Because the legislature was still in session as of press time, the current status of the bills that the PAWS advocates are working on is not available. A final report on the 2000 legislative session will appear in the next issue of PAWS News.

PAWS Advocate Jennifer Hillman worked with Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles of the 36th District to introduce a bill that would ban the use of battery cages for egg laying hens. "Cramped battery cages are inherently cruel," said Hillman. "And the stress on the hens’ systems can predispose them and their egg to zoonotic diseases such as salmonella."

PAWS Advocate Diane Venberg worked with Senator Julia Patterson of the 33rd District on on a bill that would ban traveling animal display acts. The bill exempts any institution accredited by the American Zoo and Aquarium Association. PAWS has long worked to end the display of exotic and wild animals because, among other reasons, they present a distorted view of wildlife.

Senator Patterson also sponsored a bill that would ban the capture, display, transport, and breeding of whales and dolphins. PAWS Advocacy Director, a noted advocate of whale and other sea animals, worked closely with Patterson’s office on this bill.

PAWS advocate Stephanie Jones assisted Senator Tracey Eide of the 30th District in her efforts to draft a bill that would require humane treatment of animals in classroom settings. The bill would also allow any student that expresses an objection to dissection to refuse without fear of penalty.

PAWS Companion Animal Advocate Kay Joubert and Wildlife Advocate Stephanie Hillman teamed up to support Senator Darlene Fairley’s bill proposing the phasing out of deadly ethylene glycol in antifreeze. "An estimated 70,000 animals die every year from drinking antifreeze containing ethylene glycol," said Hillman. "This bill would help prevent these needless deaths in our state."

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