PAWS Magazine

Issue 44, Winter 2000

In the News

The programs of PAWS have been featured prominently in the news over the past few months.

In November, two California Bears were released back into the wild in Yosemite National Forest. The had been rehabilitated at PAWS during the fall, growing from their arrival weight of about 10 pounds each, to their departure weight of well over 100 pounds each. KIRO-7 featured a report on their release, and several California news stations covered the story as well.

The Arlington Shelter closed its doors in early January. PAWS was prominently featured in several TV and newspaper reports for its offer to help place all cats and dogs left homeless by the pending closure. The Everett Herald ran a lengthy story detailing PAWS’s support for the Arlington City council’s decision to close the shelter.

A primate research lab opened in a short distance from PAWS early in the new year. The Seattle Times, Everett Herald, Spokane Spokesman-Review, and KOMO-TV all featured interviews with PAWS Advocacy Director Will Anderson expressing PAWS’s deep concerns over the secretive nature of the facility, and the necessity of the work going on inside.

In mid-January the PAWS shelter received an unexpected boom in puppies. Though it wasn’t typical puppy season, PAWS found itself with over 40 puppies and few available kennels. KOMO TV’s April Zepada and KING TV’s Jeff Gradney each filed reports on the crisis, sending hundreds of families to PAWS. By the end of the weekend that the reports aired PAWS had no dogs available for adoption in the shelter! (Though that situation was quickly rectified over the coming week.) The Everett Herald, and Smooth Jazz radio and the Mountain radio stations helped as well, by running news reports throughout the day.

A Bald Eagle released to freedom in Normandy Park received extensive coverage in the local media. The eagle had come to the PAWS Olympic Wildlife Rescue facility in McCleary shortly before Thanksgiving. He had an injured foot and was severely emaciated. Under the care of PAWS Wildlife Center’s two full-time wildlife veterinarians, and the dedicated PAWS staff, the eagle was nursed back to health at the PAWS Lynnwood Wildlife Center. The release was featured on KOMO-TV, KIRO-TV, KING-TV, KCPQ-TV, and Northwest Cable News. KING-TV made the release their "picture of the night."

In late January PAWS off-site coordinator Denise Kuhn travelled to West Seattle to post flyers announcing a $5,000 PAWS reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for killing and beheading three cats in August. The reward was featured on KIRO-AM and KUOW-FM, KIRO-TV, as well as several community newspapers.

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